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SICAS SP Students’ Trip in Qingdao

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In order to help international students know China and Chinas cities better, SICAS organized a city tour in Qingdao for International students who have been studying in China. 

SICAS aims to provide students with long-term parents-style care to internatinal students who applied university from SICAS. Through the trip, students have chance to feel the local customs in Qingdao and enjoy the treat from SICAS. 

Every stop is carefully selected, so that students can have a fulfilling trip here in Qingdao.

Tour in Qingdao   

IBRAHIM  and MOHAMED are studying at Shandong Jiaotong University major in Computer Science. As SICAS SP students, they are invited to Qingdao for a two-day tour. All expenses are covered by SICAS.

Where did they visited ?

What do they think about this tour? 

What do they learn from the tour? 

The 1st stop—— May Fourth Square —

May Fourth Square is a modern memorial commemoration in Qingdao, named after the nationwide protest May Fourth Movement that started in the city. It is divided in to two sections. The north is lawn and fountain-based, featuring a musical fountain that is beautifully illuminated at night, and the south is best recognized by the "May Wind" (Wuyue Feng) sculpture, on which the torch, comprised of a stack of rotating bands, has become a new signature scenic spot in Qingdao.

The 2nd stop—— Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center—

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, also known as Qingdao International Sailing Center, is the venue that was used for boating competitions during the 29th Olympic Games. It is located near Fushan Bay, next to the former North Sea Shipyard site, and adjacent to May Fourth Square and Dong Hai Road. To usher in the Olympic sailing competition and create a "City of Sailing", Qingdao Municipal Government built the International Sailing Center with unique characteristics depicting water spots to fully embody the idea of "Green Olympics, Scientific Olympics and People's Olympics".

The 3rd stop—— Qingdao Underwater World —

The distinctive Qingdao Underwater World offers a breath-taking view of a marine world. Lying to the northeast of famous Luxun Park and to the west of Number One Bathing Beach, it is situated on Huiquan Bay in Qingdao, Shandong Province. By means of modern techniques and advantageous geological location, it combines the advantage of the Qingdao Aquarium, Qingdao Specimen Hall and Qingdao Freshwater Fish Center, becoming a hot spot for marine ecotourism.

The 4th stop—— SICAS Headquater —

SICAS –Study In China Admission System is an efficient, accurate and safe authorized online platform to help international students directly get admissions into China universities and colleges.

Established to help international students study in China, SICAS is the platform authorized by the largest number of China’s universities to help international applicants directly get admissions for studying in China with the fastest speed.

The 5th stop—— Qingdao International Academician Park—

Qingdao International Academician Park (QIAP) is located in the central part of Qingdao city, adjacent to the 2014 World Horticultural Exposition site. Supported by Ocean University of China, Shandong University Qingdao Campus and the National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, QIAP is committed to building itself into an industrialisation platform with academician-led projects and unique strengths as its features.

The 6th stop——Eight Great Passes —

The Eight Great Passes is located in the east of Huiquan Cape in Qingdao. Eight of the roads (now increase to ten) are named after the eight great passes of the Great Wall, and thus the area was named “Eight Passes”. These ten road crisscross, forming a scenic spot with a few miles around.

An Interview with two students after the trip in Qingdao.

1.How do you think the trip?

IBRAHIM:The trip is great. Ive got to meet new friends. Ive got to visit new places I havent visited before. It was very nice.

MOHAMED:It was fantastic. I met new friends and you guys. I like all the places we visited.

2.How do you think SICAS?

IBRAHIM:SICAS is great. It helps me and other students. SICAS helps me to study in China.

MOHAMED:SICAS helps me a lot. SICAS gives me a lot of favors. SICAS makes it easy for me to study in China. Yeah, thats great.

3.If you have friends or relatives who want to come to China, would you like to recommend SICAS to them?

IBRAHIM: Yeah for sure, yeah. With my experience with SICAS,Im more open to share the experience with other students and relatives.

MOHAMED:Id like to share SICAS to my friends back home. I would tell them the company. If you want to study in China, try to communicate with SICAS.

More SP students will come to Qingdao for two-day tour. If you are interested, please keep on eye on the latest news.

To be continued......

SICAS will hold more interesting events for International students to make their studying life in China more colorful. 

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