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Thank You Letter from A Nigeria Mom

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Editor's note: With the help of SICAS, Ifeyinwa's two boys successfully got admission into China Medical University in the program of MBBS.

Ifeyinwa from Nigeria

I am a mother from Nigeria. When I wanted to start the process of searching university admission for my children, I got introduced to SICAS through a colleague of mine.

From the time I was introduced to Sandy in SICAS, it has been a rewarding informative and span process. Not only did we secure the university admission, they helped in the transportation arrangement of accommodation, registration , opening of bank account and offer administrative issues.

The entire process has shown a reliable process, I am very impressed with the quality of services provided.

30th, October, 2018

Ifeyinwa with SICAS Advisor Sandy

Ifeyinwa with her Children

SICAS Care Team with the Children

SICAS Care Team with the Family

SICAS Care Team with the Family

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