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Why Study in Jilin Jianzhu University

100% Guaranteed Admission, 3 Working Days you'll get it! 
Based on the years of strategy cooperation between Jilin Jianzhu University and SICAS, admission letter is 100% Guaranteed, you'll get it in 5 working days! 

Jilin Jianzhu University Partial Schoalarship 100% Guaranteed 
Jilin Jianzhu University  GUARANTEE partial scholarship. RMB 18,000 (around 2700 USD)in total for Bachelor`s Degree. There are only a few universities offer scholarship for English medium program,if you want to study with a scholarship, Jilin Jianzhu University will be your best choice. What’s more, study with scholarship will be an advantage for your job interview. 

Jilin Jianzhu University Owns One of the most professional training bases in China 
Jilin Jianzhu University owns a three-floor building, which has the simulation models. The students have more chances to know the real working conditions, which can help students fit to work environment quickly.  

Good future
 “Jianzhu” is the meaning of architecture and civil engineering. Jilin Jianzhu University is already 60 years old, the civil engineering is the key course in this university. Study civil engineering will be a good choice for your future. What’s more, this university has good cooperative relationship with China’s local companies and many of those companies cooperate with African companies, which can create many potential job opportunities. 

Less than two hour to China’s capital Beijing
It is near to Beijing, just no more than two hours by air to Beijing, and 6 hours by train. You are available to know the real culture and essence of China.