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Thank You For Your Fast and Secured Application System

Views:606 Time:11/12/2015 8:59:19 AM

(Editor's Note: Congratulations! Cameroon student Kwekam Tchomdji Luther Oberlin, gained the admission of Central South University, with the help of SICAS advisor Zaney. He was now having his study of Software Engineering at the university.)

I write this letter just to extend my thanks to all you have done for my application to study software engineering in the Central South University.

After my degree in Cameroon I have been planning my masters’ studies in China for quite a long time. But I was confused by the different rating of schools on each agent’s website. I was also scared about the agency fees.

SICAS ‘s advisor Zaney gave me a good feeling for all the software engineering programs. The programs are listed according to the official rating of Chines government. I was not misled by any wrong information. 

First and foremost, I want to thank you about your fast and secured application system. In four steps I completed my application and I myself doubted if SICAS was reliable. But when I got the admission letter I now have confidence in SICAS. I once again thank you and also I am assured that I will tell my friends who want to study in China to use SICAS.

SICAS Care Team Pick Up Oberlin at the Airport

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