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A Collection of Grateful Letters to SICAS from International Students

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In the year of 2014, we have received a great deal of grateful letters from the students. Here we'd like to express our gratitude to all of these students. Thanks for their support and encouragement to SICAS. We will keep working hard to help those who want to study in China. 

We've made a collection of some grateful letters to share with you as well as to encourage ourselves.

Sithabiso (Zimbabwe)

Wuhan University of Technology

It was a pleasure connecting with SICAS because through it, I have secured my place to begin my early studies.

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Jachin Kaluwasha (Zambia)

Liaoning Medical University

SICAS is highly recommended to me. Your staff offered me excellent service concerning my application and is very vigilant to answer any and all questions I had.

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Neema Adnan (Tanzania)

China University of Petroleum

I appreciate all the hard work and achievement that SICAS team made it happen during my application period. At first I never had a dream of studying abroad. Well, the world is full of surprise, thanks SICAS. 

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Emmaneul (Libya)

Bohai University

I’ve been dreaming to study in China since I first heard of this country, so I really want to thank SICAS for fulfilling my dream.

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Mofwe Kaonga (Zambia)

University of Jinan

I concluded to say SICAS is really Efficient, Accurate and Safe. i am undoubtedly recommend SICAS.

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Jonathan (Nigeria)
Shenyang University of Technology

I want to say a very big thank you to GOD for making me to come in contact with SICAS, kudus to SICAS and I recommend SICAS to any international student planning to come to this beautiful country china for study, SICAS is the right way to unlock the key closing you from studying here in china, very safe, smooth and efficient.

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Monyomi Olofin (Nigeria) 

Jiangsu University 

SICAS staffs have the best of jobs ever why because they make people's dream come true. I say a big kudos to the team and xiexie. 

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