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Students' Comments on SICAS Advisers (Feb. 1st -15th, 2015)

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(Editor`s note: The following emails are extracted from what we have received from students across the world from February 1st to 15th, 2015.)

My name is Mantsali and i am helped by Jessie from SICAS. she is very helpful and so far she is doing the best job. Thank you again to her, she has no idea how much her job means to African students like me. Sincerely thank you. I did tell her i want to study medicine for September intake. She has selected a suitable convenient university—Xuzhou Medical University—for me to study, and she has already send my application. I faithfully hope everything will work out well. thank you again for your assistance.

Mantali Mofobatha (South Africa)

The study course I'll love  to apply for is medicine, and as for university I know you are in the right position to get me the  best university which can train me in becoming a medical personnel.

The name of my adviser is Yiyi. With her help all online application has been made likewise all steps has been followed and abided by.

best regards.

Williams Joshua (America)

I have made a decision to study at Shenyang Medical University with the help of my agent Vicky. I have sent her all my documents and she sent me the application form from Shenyang. I filled them in and I just sent them back to her today together with the bank receipt of a total of 200 us dollars for the application and the processing fees. Thank you for your services am now waiting for the response .

Nyaradzai Garakasha (Zimbabwe)

My SICAS Adviser  name is Jack; Thanks to him I have already completed my university application I chose to study at Shanghai University of finance and Economics , I'll be studying Masters of International business  but I have also applied for a Chinese language course which is going to start on 20th March 2015, whenever there's a question my adviser always gets in-touch with me via whats app or email for now I have completed everything and payed for my application I am just waiting for the university response.

I personally thank you SICAS and my Adviser for your help.

Kind regards

Yvette (France)

I would like to inform you that i have chosen both the subject and the universities with the assistance of Mr. Tony. In addition to that i have complete my online application it is just pending on the payment which will be paid soon.

Thanks for the way you care and the service you offered.

Best regards

Altayeb Yousif (Sudan)

HELLO, I have made my decision for my subject and i have chosenUNIVERSITY OF JINAN.

My SICAS adviser is MARY. And my application form was submit today and I sent the money (200$)to my adviser MARY using WEST UNION. She told me that on Monday she is going to send it to UNIVERSITY OF JINAN so now I am waiting the ACCEPTANCE LETTER after 5 or 10 days !!!



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