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Thandie’s First Day in China

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(Editor`s note:  Thandie , an out-going Botswana girl, who was admitted by Jining Medical University just one month ago, has arrived in China for her MBBS study. Let`s share her first story in China!)

“ I  meet   Thandie   just now and she has just made a phone  to her parents by using my phone and everything is ok. Now  we are heading for JMU.   ” On September 12, 2014, 1 p.m., we  got the report from Annie, our SICAS Student Service Team Member in Qingdao. 

SICAS Student Service Team Member Annie with Refilwe in Qingdao Airport. 

5 P.M, they set out for CMCC(China Mobile Communication Corporation) the moment they just arrived at school in order to buy a phone card so that Thandie can call her family anytime she needs. The clerk in CMCC speaks with classic Jining accent,  Thandie was totally confused, but we got Annie. 

Thandie in front of CMCC

To our surprise, Thandie asked a phone number which ends up with number 8.  “I am not just interested in the advanced medicine science of China, but feels like learning more Chinese culture than I do now, ” she said. But do you know that Thandie’s already  quite a  Chinese culture expert who’s very popular now?

Let’s wish Thandie a bright future in China!

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