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A Bike-learning Story from Anna (Tanzania)

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Editor’s note: Here is a letter from Anna who was just accepted by South China University of Technology. Have a look.


Hello, everyone,


First , I want to extend my great gratitude to SICAS for everything you’ve done for me. Now please allow me share my bike-learning story with you.


I am so surprised to find that lot of students in China take bikes everyday to school, work or just take it as a way to keep fit, while we barely use it in my hometown. So I determined to “Do in Rome as Romans Do”. I told my friend Logan, a SICAS Student Service Member, who has been helping me with my admission business to SCUT that I need a bike, he was more than glad to help me. We went to an exclusive bike store and Logan selected a beautiful one for me. Then he offered to be my bike-learning teacher.


First he told me some principal rules about using a bike, say keep calm and always take control of the handlebars, check tires everyday. Then it’s the most paramount and scary part. I asked Logan to stay close to me during my riding just for fear that I would lose my balance. Just like that I can basically take it under control without any help after practiced for one week under the guidance of Logan.


I am so thrilled about it, besides, it’s a fresh start here in China, I am sure  I will have a pleasant experience here. Again my thanks to SICAS.


Anna in South China University of Technology.



Selecting a bike for Anna.



Anna is trying her new bike.



Anna and Logan.

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