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SICAS is Warmly Welcomed in Kenya and Mauritius

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SICAS In Kenya

Hundreds of students in Kenya attended the Seminar

On September 23th, 2013, Ms Zhanglu, CEO of SICAS, went to Kenya for a Seminar regarding "study in China". The Seminar discussed many topics such as why study in China, how to apply Chinese universities on SICAS and so on. At the Seminar, Ms Zhanglu together with SICAS staffs and SICAS local volunteers provided senior, professional and detailed consultation, winning  strong support from students and their parents. 

SICAS In Mauritius

Hundreds of students and parents went to SICAS registration spot in Mauritius

On September 24th, 2013, Ms Zhanglu and other SICAS staffs went to Mauritius. SICAS set up a registration spot in Mauritius. Many students and parents went there and consulted many questions. Ms Zhanglu explained to them professionally with smile. With her and other SICAS staff`s help, hundreds of students successfully applied Chinese University on SICAS at the registration spot.  

With the help of Ms Zhanglu, many students applied Chinese University on SICAS at the registration spot.  

“I am planning to study in China, but I am worried about the application procedure is complicated. After consultation, I am clear and just now I applIied for Weifang Medical University through SICAS”said by Rebecca.  

In fact, SICAS have already helped thousands of international students from different countries get admissions to study in China in the past 8 years. As a professional organization offering a whole package of the most efficient, accurate and safe application-related services for a wide range of programs in China’s advanced universities, SICAS has been sparing no effort to help International applicants directly get admissions for studying in China with the fastest speed. 

Contact us if you are interested in studying in China

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