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Good News: SICAS Launched a Russian Version for Students form Russian Speaking Countries!

Views:836 Time:1/26/2018 1:31:58 PM

To provide better service and help more and more International students realize the dream for studying in China, SICAS will launch a Russian version of the website in Jan 2011.

Why did SICAS make this decision?

First of all, a huge number of International students studying in China come from Russian-spoken countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan etc. The Ministry of Education of China statistics revealed that there were about a total of thirty thousand International students from Russian-spoken countries studying in China last year.

Secondly, "National Year" was organized by China and Russia in the year 2006 and 2007.  Since then, the cultural and educational exchanges between both countries have greatly increased. More and more Russian students want to study in China. But due to insufficient knowledge about China's universities, most students find it hard to choose which university would be suitable for them. Also there's no application system where one can apply to study in China, and most of the universities' websites don't have Russian versions that can provide relevant information.

The Russian Version to be launched in Jan 2011 shows more than 300 universities. These universities welcome students from all the Russian-spoken countries. The universities are mostly located in popular cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and so on with some situated in the northern area of China that's close to Russia like Dalian and Harbin. Through SICAS, the student can search for their desired university and program and apply directly using the online application system.

Welcome to our Russian version. Any problem or concern, please feel free to contact us at

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