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SICAS Interview with Mr. Xu Jianming--President of Shandong Vocational University of Science and Technology (SVUST)

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SICAS is a professional organization offering a whole package of the most efficient, accurate and safe application-related services for a wide range of programs in China have advanced universities. Characteristic of efficiency, accuracy and safety, SICAS has established reliable partnerships with more than 200 first-rate universities in China, including Shandong Vocational University of Science and Technology (SVUST). On June 12, 2010, SICAS CEO Ms Zhanglu and SICAS School Liaison Department staff members met with Mr. Xu Jianming—President of SVUST, during which he accepted an exclusive SICAS interview.

What follows is a transcript of the conversation which has been slightly condensed, and edited for clarity:

Host: First of all, thank you obviously for your time, Mr. Xu. Could you please give us a brief introduction of SVUST?
Mr. Xu: Sure. Shandong Vocational University of Science & Technology is a full-time university of higher learning, which is state-owned, administered by Shandong Province. SVUST is a comprehensive higher vocational university majoring mainly in science as well as liberal arts and business simultaneously.

Host: Where is SVUST?
Mr. Xu: SVUST is located in the World Kite Capital, the city of Weifang, which enjoys the convenient transportation system, pleasant scenery and the title of a historically and  Professor Xia Zhilin, Secretary of the College Party Committee  culturally famous city. The new campus, which immediately faces south the famous scenic spot of Fuyanshan Hilly Forest Park, is a shrine for learning with the harmonious unification of nature and humanity. We have stored up rich practical experience and profound cultural foundation in the course of running the school for thirty years.

Host: Wow, sounds like a learning environment gifted with beautiful scenery as well as diversified cultural atmosphere. What about SVUST academic situation at the moment?
Mr. Xu: There are 30 foreign teachers and more than 400 full-time teachers among whom 33.9% are professors and associate professors, and 120 teachers with practical experience. The educational levels of the teachers are graduate and above. There are altogether 38 majors in Textile School, Foreign Languages School, Electromechanical Engineering School, Information & Network Department, Fashion & Art Department, Management Department, Civil Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering & Environmental Science Department, and as well as the College-preparatory Vocational School and the Secondary Technical School. There are also three sub-colleges, School of International Exchange & Cooperation, School of Further Education and Training School. The student population is 9,700. 

Host: Ah, it seems that a great many students choose SVUST as their perfect study destination. What courses can International students study at SVUST in China?
Mr. Xu: SVUST provides 2 programs, long-term Chinese language class and short-term Chinese training program, both taught in the medium of authentic Chinese.

Host: Great! Anything else?
Mr. Xu: All in all, SVUST will be a fabulous destination for International students to study perfect Mandarin in China. We look forward to excellent applicants from around the world to apply for SVUST through SICAS!

Host: Thank you for staying with us, Mr. Xu.

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