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Comprehensive Student Service for International Students

A. Postal Service and Bank
There is a Post Office in our campus, and there is ATM in our Dining Room.
B. Internet and telephone
The service of Internet and telephone are very nice for our foreign students in our campus.
C. Dining Service
There are many kinds of food for students in our Dinning Room, and the Chinese Food and other kinds of western meal are very delicious.
D. Medical Service or insurance
We have nice Medical Service and health insurance for our foreign students.
E. Recreation (Sports Center, library, Book Bar, card and chess room, cyber cafe)
We have many kinds of Recreation for our foreign students. For example: Sports Center, library, Book Bar, Recreation center (card and chess room), cyber café, etc.
F. Extra-curriculum activities
We have abundant Extra-curriculum activities for our foreign students.
G. Clothing tips (Laundry, clothes drying room)
Laundry, clothes drying room are very nice for our foreign students.
H. Shopping
We have super-market in the 2nd floor in the Dinning Building.

Student comments
 Our college always persists in the principle of “substantive exchange” and “bilateral exchange”. While we are inputting the good international and domestic education sources, we pay much attention to introduce our country and our college, and seek for cooperation. We have started the cooperation with Korea, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India and Japan, etc. We have built friendly relationships with more than twenty foreign colleges and educational institutions, and cooperated with them in faculty and students exchange programs, inter-collegiate cooperation and academic and cultural discussions. In April, 2005, the International Friendly Academies Presidents Forum was successfully held in Weifang. This forum was launched by our college and the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk National University. It provided a platform for the presidents of all the friendly academies to learn from each other by exchanging views and promoted the smooth development of the international exchange and cooperation.
 Our college’s international exchange and cooperation always takes the principle of serving the students into first consideration. We opened a “green thoroughfare” for the foreign students to study here. Another distinguished feature of our college when accepting foreign students is “friendly academies, mutual credits, student’s exchange, and students with instructor”.
 The leading teacher is responsible for guiding the life and study of those foreign students who study here. This is greatly praised by their parents. In order to link with the foreign courses more effectively and let the students receive better education, our teachers teach them courses in English.