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How to prepare Guardianship Certificate

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How to prepare Guardianship Certificate

China Ministry of Education issued the notice”Standards for the quality of higher education for international students in China”

17.6 Minor

Before enrolling international students under the age of 18, university should confirm whether their parents are permanent residents in ChinaIf the student’s parents do not reside permanently in China, the university should require student’s parents to entrust a foreigner or Chinese resident permanently in China as the guardian of the foreign student in China, and provide the relevant certification materials.


1. Who Could be Guardian

1.1 Foreigners working in China (materials required: Custody Release Form; Certificate of Employment)

1.2  Chinese citizens (materials required: copies of both sides of id card on the same paper)

NoteGenerally, there is no requirement for guardian cities. But Beijing requires Chinese citizens or foreign citizens must work in Beijing. Specific schools need specific confirmation.


2. Where to get the materials

The embassy of the student's country

Note: Nigeria students need to do it in China notary office


3. Materials:

3.1 Authorization to the Guardian (Students' parents entrust their guardians as guardians during students stay in China)

3.2 Custody Release Form

3.3 Scanned copies of the parents' passports. Scanned copy of the guardian's passport or ID card; Certificate of employment of guardian (according to specific embassy requirements)

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