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Missed the September Intake? No worries, March Intake is Coming!

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You’re not out of the running if you’ve missed the deadline for 2018 September intake, in fact, you can still make up for it by applying now for 2019 March intake. A takeaway for you: It’s always better to start well in advance, so use this as a head-start to prepare a strong application for the March intake.

March Intake and September Intake

Chinese universities normally contains two admission intakes every year, March intake and September intake. Usually, the application for March intake start from October to February next year; The application for September intake start from April to August.

March Intake VS September Intake

1. Universities

All universities provide September intake, only few universities are available for March intake.

2. Major

Most universities offer a myriad number of courses for September intake, a comparatively smaller number of courses for March intake.

3. Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rates are usually university specific, and generally do not depend on which semester you are applying in. But, you should remember the fact that since there are few universities are available for March intake, it might be harder for admission if you don't prepare well in advance.

4. Scholarship Chance

There are funding options available for March semester students as well, but there are more opportunities for September intake when compared to March. If you decide to choose March intake, remember it’s never too early to apply.

5. Application Procedure

March intake has the same process as the September intake. You have to fill out an application form and submit the application materials. Hence there are no differences when it comes to these two sessions.

6. Visa

Visa doesn’t depend on which season you’ve been admitted or when you have received your admit. Visa is provided on a fair basis of eligibility and qualification. If you have the right qualification, your visa will most likely be approved.

7. Jobs after Graduation

For March Intake students, extra one semester will helps to boost your profile, and enhance your CV much better.

In conclusion, there are various pros and cons of applying for March or September intake depending on how you plan is. SICAS suggest rather than losing out on a year and waiting for the next session, the March intake can prove to be a viable option.

Suggested Application Timetable for March Intake

1. October

Applicants can start to apply for programs starting in spring next year. Please be aware that early applications will be favored when vacancies are limited.

2. November-December

Most programs are open for application during this time. Applicants who submitted applications early will receive their admission results.

3. January

Admission letters and JW202 form for early applicants will be delivered. Applicants can apply for visa with their materials.

4. February

Book flight ticket and do pre-departure preparation. If there are still vacancies available, late applicants might be accepted if qualified.

5. March

Accepted applicants should arrive at school within the registration time, complete the campus registration and start you academic career in China.

Why We Suggest You Apply as Early as Possible?

1. Limited enrollment quota

Only around 10% universities have March intake, and few scholarship chance are available for all students around the world to apply.

2. Early birds catches the worm

Usually, university admission officer will review your documents according to the order in which you apply. That means, early application can greatly increase your possibility of getting admission and scholarship. Some students may think there is still plenty of time to apply before the deadline, however, universities will close their application after reaching their enrollment quota.

3. Enough time for you to understand the application procedure

If you apply early, you will got more time to fix issues clear that may occur during your application process.

4. Enough time to prepare application documents

Early apply will leave you enough time to prepare the documents, especially when you have to go through a complicated procedures to get the documents required by the university.

5. Well prepared for a good start in university

Early application enables you to make the full use of the time before you come to China. You can learn some Chinese to make your life easier in China.

6. SICAS gift package

You may have chance to get SICAS gift package worth 500 USD if you apply early. Including:

--SICAS student handbook

--SICAS winter coat

--SICAS summer camp bag

--SICAS winter cup

Available Courses for March Intake

1. 2019 March Intake English Taught Business Programs

2. 2019 March Intake English Taught B.Sc. Engineering Programs

3. 2019 March Intake English Taught MBBS Programs

4. 2019 March Intake English Taught Pre-University Programs

5. 2019 March Intake English Taught Chinese Programs

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