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Best Flight Choice to Jinan, Wenzhou, Changchun and Shenyang
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In order students could finish campus registration smoothly to universities in Jinan, Wenzhou, Changchun and Shenyang, SICAS sorted out the suitable flight information for you to chose a suitable transfer station and a suitable flight.

To Jinan

CZ3509: Guangzhou-Jinan (08:20- 11:10)

ZH9971: Guangzhou-Jinan (08:55-11:45)

CA1170: Guangzhou-Jinan (12:05-14:45)

ZH9975: Guangzhou-Jinan (14:50-17:35)

CZ9476: Shanghai-Jinan (07:15-09:10)

MU5571: Shanghai-Jinan (07:15-09:10)

MU2441: Shanghai-Jinan (10:20-12:20)

EU2289: Chengdu-Jinan (06:35-09:00)

MU5279: Chengdu-Jinan (09:25-12:00)

8L9763: Chengdu-Jinan (10:30-12:40)

SC4902: Chengdu-Jinan (11:15-13:25)

To Wenzhou

GJ8659: Beijing-Wenzhou (05:50-08:30)

CA1567: Beijing-Wenzhou (07:45-10:25)

HU7251: Beijing-Wenzhou (09:55-12:30)

MU5134: Beijing-Wenzhou (13:20-15:50)

HU7221: Guangzhou-Wenzhou (07:10-08:50)

CZ3811: Guangzhou-Wenzhou (07:55-9:40)

CZ3763: Guangzhou-Wenzhou (10:40-12:35)

CX5794: Hong Kong-Wenzhou (08:20-10:10)

KA794: Hong Kong-Wenzhou (08:20-10:10)

To Changchun

CZ6123: Beijing-Changchun (07:40-09:35)

CA1609: Beijing-Changchun (07:45-09:40)

CA6144: Beijing-Changchun (10:35-12:40)

HO1189: Shanghai-Changchun (07:35-10:15)

ZH1985: Shanghai-Changchun (07:40-10:30)

CZ6542: Shanghai-Changchun (11:50-14:40)

MU5639: Guangzhou-Changchun (06:55-12:25)

CZ6276: Guangzhou-Changchun (09:25-13:25)

ZH9691: Guangzhou-Changchun (11:10-15:25)

CZ6156: Shanghai-Changchun (07:35-10:20)

To Shenyang

CA3289: Shanghai-Shenyang (7:30-10:00)

HO1181: Shanghai-Shenyang (07:30-10:00)

CZ9439: Shanghai-Shenyang (10:00-12:20)

HO1285: Shanghai-Shenyang (10:05-12:25)

MU9187: Shanghai-Shenyang (11:05-13:30)

CZ8608: Guangzhou-Shenyang (05:25-08:55)

CZ6330: Guangzhou-Shenyang (13:25-17:10)

CZ6102: Beijing-Shenyang (10:45-12:20)

CA1657: Beijing-Shenyang (12:50-14:25)

CZ6104: Beijing-Shenyang (13:05-14:35)

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