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Recommended Flight Choice to Qingdao

Views:514 Time:2/18/2019 3:40:00 PM

In order students could finish campus registration smoothly to universities in Qingdao,  SICAS sorted out the suitable flight information for you to chose a suitable transfer station and a suitable flight.

To Qingdao

HO1075 Shanghai-Qingdao (06:40-08:25)

CA3275 Shanghai -Qingdao (06:50-08:25)

HO1197 Shanghai -Qingdao (08:00-09:40)

MU5511 Shanghai-Qingdao (10:10-11:40)

CA4602 Shanghai-Qingdao (11:10-12:40)

CZ9454 Shanghai-Qingdao (14:35-16:10)

MU535 Beijing-Qingdao (07:20-08:50)

CA1575 Beijing-Qingdao (09:35-11:10)

SC4652 Beijing-Qingdao (09:55-11:30)

SC4654 Beijing-Qingdao (13:35-15:10)

CZ3799 Guangzhou-Qingdao (10:35-14:00)

MU5258 Guangzhou-Qingdao(12:20-15:25)

MU9944 Guangzhou-Qingdao (13:35-16:50)

KA950 Hong Kong-Qingdao (10:15-13:25)

Stay with our 24-hour Airport pickup service

SICAS Student Care Team Member who speaks fluent English will pick you up at any time, even at mid-night in China, and if you got any question about your flight journey or your luggage, you can find them for help from the airport. Contact for Airport Pickup Service.

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