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Awesome! Wenzhou Medical University's Overseas Students

Awesome! This summer practice team from Wenzhou served ten countries and was praised by spouse of the Prime Minister. 

A few days ago, Wenzhou Medical University's overseas summer social practice team came to Lesotho, an African country, to carry out overseas medical assistance, and received the attention of Marcia Adolphine Thabane, the spouse of Lesotho's Prime Minister.

WenShashwat, an overseas student from India's Dahambad region, is currently studying clinical medicine major at the School of International Education of Wenzhou Medical University. During the summer vacation, as the school's alumni contact in India, he joined the summer social practice team of " Medical Belt, Medical Road and Virtuous Silk Road" and led the members of the practice team to various schools and villages in southern India to carry out medical preaching, knowledge popularization and free diagnosis activities.

It is reported that during this summer vacation, in response to the national " the belt and road”initiative, Wenzhou Medical University has set up an overseas summer social practice team called " Medical Belt, Medical Road and Virtuous Silk Road" to carry out a month-long practice activity around the world.