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Hear Theo Sharing His Experience in China

Theo, a MBBS student coming from South Africa, is going to pursue further study in Binzhou Medical University. He and his wife arrived in China on October 9. Before that, SICAS Care team booked an apartment for them so that they could directly settle into their new home upon their arrival in China without worrying about where to stay. In the next few days, David helped Theo to enroll in school and open a bank account. But what David has done is beyond that. He also took Theo to explore the campus, telling him where to have meals and go shopping. He not only help Theo solve problems, he also take care of him so that Theo could manage the difficulties that arise whilst adjusting to studying and living in a new cultural environment. Theo said his experience in China was amazing and what David had done gave him a good start for his new life in China.