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SICAS in Zimbabwe--Turn A Vision into Reality

Views:957 Time:1/25/2018 3:21:30 PM

When you are looking at these pictures, it is hard not to be impressed by the peaceful and tranquil ambiance. This is SICAS office in Zimbabwe. Instead of lying in a skyscraper, it is sited in a quiet street near the campus with a lot of palm trees surrounding it. Having helped countless students realizing their dream of studying in China, this is a place that Zimbabwe students feel emotionally attached with.

Many students say they find it relaxing and enjoyable spending an afternoon in this cozy place talking about their dreams of studying in China and seeking for suggestions from the staff. They feel like getting closer to their dream after a conversation with SICAS staff knowing what they need to do.

The man smiling to us is Joy. Joy is exactly what he is named. He is the kind of person who has energy and a light about him that everybody wants to be around. Many students come here looking for Joy because he can always influence them with his contagious enthusiasm.

SICAS has been invited to attend the education exhibition in Zimbabwe given its great contributions to the national education in terms of sending a lot of students to study in China. Thanks to SICAS, more students have access to China universities.

SICAS is giving lectures to students who have always been keen to study in China but do not know where to start.

With the efforts of SICAS, students who once thought his dream of studying in China was so far away eventually get the admission letter of Chinas universities and make his dream come true.


With SICAS, studying in China is no longer a dream. You may once let your dream remain a dream because of a lack of information or a fear of failure. However, with SICAS you dont need to have these concerns because what we are doing is to turn a vision into reality and make things happen.