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SICAS Student Care Team Member Mr. Wu Helps Me Find My Luggage at The Airport
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(Editor's note: Ayomidc Odonrye, our protagonist today, is a beautiful girl from Malaysia who has been successfully enrolled in Wenzhou University for her further study of electrical engineering.  

Ayomidc Odonrye arrived at the international airport at about 9:00 am. When she met Wu Ming, one of our SICAS student service team members, she told him that she couldn't find her luggage, in which she had all her personal belongings, and she was quite nervous and anxious then. Wu said:"don't worry, I will help you find it." He went to the luggage claim area and then told the airport service personnel that they have lost their luggage. Ayomidc Odonrye told Wu her flight number and the appearance of her luggage. Wu reported these related information to the service personnel. Ten minutes after that, Ayomidc Odonrye got her lost luggage from the airport service personnel, her cheeks flushing with excitement.  Ayomidc Odonrye hugged Wu for his kindness. 

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