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"Insurance is compulsory for you to study in China", said by Ministry of Education,P.R.China.

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Dear **, congratulations for your are accepted by ***** university, according to “Provisions on Higher Education Institutions Requiring Foreign Students to Purchase Insurance” which is published officially since  2008 by the Ministry of Education,PR China, "Insurance is compulsory for you to study in China", please read the following carefully.  For bachelor degree, the insurance fee is 640 USD in total for whose studying period is 4 years; and for the MBBS students, the insurance fee is 960 USD in total.

 "Insurance is compulsory for you to study in China" , said by Ministry of Education,P.R.China.

1. Attachment One: Original Copy of the Provision. 

The following is the Interpretation of the main item of Provision above:

From the academic year 2008 and year 2009 on, all Chinese universities must make the requirements that international students who want to study in China or studying in China must  purchase insurance and it is an essential condition for the official university registration.


2.  Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., RMB 1000 Plan 

Insurance Liabilities(responsibility)


RMB Insurance

 Amount (Yuan) RMB

Age 6-69

(International Student)

Insurance Premium



Liability for Death + Accidental Disability



1000 ( ≈USD 160 )



Medical Treatment for Accidental Injury



Medical Treatment for Outpatient and EmergencyWith the daily limit of RMB 600, the insured can enjoy 90% of reimbursement



Hospitalization Medical Treatment




The Aviation Accident Insurance



Note:   1. "Insurance Liabilities" means insurance responsibilities during the period of insurance.

           2. "Insurance Amount" means once you are involved in some accidents or medical treatments,  the money the insurance company will pay  you  according to the insurance contract you have signed with the insurance company.
                 3. "Insurance Premium" means the money you should pay to the insurance company so that  the insurance company will pay you the   "Insurance Amount" when it happens.




3. Claim issues

Dear **, for the claim,please contact insurance company manager Liu Lijuan:

Her contact number: 18661850922

Email address: (please send the necessary certifications for claim to this email box, this email box only used for receiving the certifications for claim)

The documents you should prepare shows as follows according to different situations: