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2019 Chinese New Year Greetings From SICAS

Views:969 Time:2/3/2019 4:58:14 PM

Dear friends from all over the world,

Chinese New Year (also called the Spring Festival) is coming.

SICAS hereby wishes you a very happy new year and may joy and health always be with you! 


From February 4th to Feb 10th, 2019,  all SICAS stuff will be off duty on Chinese New Year Holiday, and therefore may not be able to reply to your calls or emails in time.


But SICAS do have Special Arrangements for International Applicants:


About Consultation: During the holiday, if you have any emergent issue, please feel free to email to The SICAS Adviser who is on duty that day will try the best to reply to you as soon as possible.


About Application: During the holiday, students can still view SICAS website and apply to China's universities online. Moreover, students who apply on SICAS and complete step 1, 2, 3 during the holiday do not have to pay SICAS Processing Fee($50).


About Application ProcessingChina's universities’ Stuff will also spend the holiday , so your application will be processed by them after the holiday. Only urgent emails towards application will be replied.


Keep in Touch in A Better Way: Add us on "Wechat" on your moblie , if you don’t have "Wechat:"in your mobile , you can download and install it on your mobile phone from here, then add the all following:
SICAS WeChat ID  1:  SICAS _News

SICAS WeChat ID  2:  SICAS _Service
SICAS WeChat ID  3:  SICAS_Lulu

Tel./Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-15318861816

Note: For new students who are going to China, we suggest you book your tickets after Feb. 10th. Pls keep in touch with your SICAS Advisor, they are ready to help you at any time.