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SICAS, Which Makes My Dream to Study in China Possible

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(Editor Note: Margret Gundani comes from Zimbabwe. With the help of SICAS advisor - Miss Coco, Margret Gundani will study Civil Engineering with scholarship at Shandong Jiaotong University in this October!  Congratulations! )

Hi everyone,

My name is Margret Gundani. I am very happy to share my story with you all.

Studying in China had always been my dream since I was in high school.When I graduated from high school, I was introduced to some agents in my country by a friend but they turned out to be just a scam.Then one day I stumbled onto SICAS's website online and I contacted them. 

My agent's name is Miss Coco and I am so grateful to her because she is very efficient and reliable. In addition, the process was very easy and quick , because within two weeks my photocopies of  admission letter and JW202 were out and I only had to wait for the original documents.

Thank you SICAS for making my dream to study in China possible! 

China, I am coming!

Margret' s Colorful Life In China

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