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Grateful Letters from SICAS Students (Jan. 1st--Jan. 16th, 2015)

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(Editor`s note: The following emails are extracted from what we have received from students and parents across the world from January 1st-16th, 2015. )

Sincerely i am glad i joined SICAS. It has been very wonderful for me. My SICAS advisor is Coco. Coco has been of great help to me. I plan on studying MBBS in China and with the help of Coco i applied to Liaoning Medical University and by the grace of God i got accepted .

I think Coco is the best advisor anyone could ask for..... He has been like a friend to me and i love chatting with him. You are the best Coco !!

I have completed the online application steps 1, 2  and 3 and my documents have been sent to the university by Coco and i am very happy to say i got admitted.

Thank you very much for your concern about we the students. I believe SICAS has the best services ever.

Kind Regards,

Vera Asare (from Ghana)

I was in contact with Carol and I really enjoyed her company and advice. I am certain of what I want to study and that's a Bachelor's in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am not yet sure about the university. It is nice using SICAS so will contact you when I am capable of transferring the application fees to you.

Mitchell (from Sweden)

Thank you very much for your concern, please Miss Bella is my adviser on sicas and she is very good to me. please extent my appreciation to her. But am still waiting for my admission letter. She is applying Shenyang Medical University for me and I agreed with that. Tell her i really appreciate her help and the entire help of SICAS.

Ishmeal (from South Africa)

I am happy with the serivce of SICAS with the help of Jessie.  My brother has been accepted to Shijiazhuand Tiedao University and ama aapplying for Bohai University at the moment.

Thank you for your services We highly appreciate.

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