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Comments on SICAS Advisers from Students and parents (October 23th-31th, 2014)

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(Editor`s note: the following emails are extracted from what we have received from students and parents across the world from October 23th to 31th, 2014.)

I do recall speaking with a nice lady who tried to assist i am looking into changing carees wantin to study an MBBS OR MBCHB, she was very nice and helpful  
thank you so so much for making a follow up on this, if it happens that the situation changes even for a chance to do an llm or ma or phd or medcine i will gladly take it please let me know.

Best regards

Anathi (from India)

Am by Jesse, thank you for your messages and your kindness and all you have done, I applied University of Jinan and I am very satisfied with your sevices.

Husfideg(From India)

Once more thank you for your correspondence i would like to appreciate hohonestlypeaking to say thank you to Bella who is very helpful, enthusiastic with big heart to help

Thanks for all.

Piema's father.(From South Africa)


I want to study MBBS in Dalian Medical University, and Mr William, he is a staff you should be proud of. He is wonderful.

Fgydhr(From Nigerian)

thank you very much for the message. the name of SICAS agent who is helping me now is Laura.

Below is the school she linked me to....i will start the process very soon and  I applied Weifang University in 2015 year,I will study Chinese in this university,Thanks for your fully help 

Prince Asare Boateng(From Ghana)

I have made my decision that i want to do Aeronautical Engineering at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. With the help i got from Andy my SICAS  adviser. He is a good man.

Thank you for offering the best service.

Tinarwo ushe(From U.S.)

It is my pleasure to let you know that Judy have exceeded in her task very well, during the last three weeks she have supplied us with the necessary documentation, and I hereby with admit that the service we have been receiving is of the highest quality. 
Kind regards 
Hendrik Pool((From Zimbabwe)

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