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What Will Happen After Students Arrive in China ?
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SICAS Arrival Services is provide for International Students after their arriving in China, to make sure they can adapt to new environment and have a good comfortable, convenient life in universities of China.

SICAS Student Service Team aim on making the students and parents an easy and smoothy Arrival. The following are SICAS “Plus Service Package” Arrival Procedure:

  •  Accommodation arrangement
Although dorm on campus of each university is always limited, SICAS will arrange it if you need it.
SICAS will help you “rent an apartment” in a safe district near your campus if you need it.
SICAS also help you to check and sign the Apartment Renting Agreement between you and your Landlord to avoid any renting problems in the future, and make sure all the items will be right within the define of the Law of Chinese Central Government & Local Government, and also the regulation of Universities and Police Station, PR.C. 

  •  Airport Pick-up

With SICAS “Plus Service Package”, SICAS staff will pick you up at any time, even at mid-night in China, and then send airport pick-up pictures immediately to your parents in your home-country via email or short message on the very minute of your’ safe arrival in China. Most of the time, the drivers are English speakers.

  •  Registration on Campus

SICAS Student Service Team Member will bring you to the regarding offices to do the Registration according to each university’s registration procedure. 
SICAS will also make sure your registration will be accepted by university, and there will not be any troubles. 

  •  Police Registration & Resident Permit  

SICAS makes sure that each student will complete Police Registration within the time duration defined by the law and also get the legal Resident Permit to study in China every year during their study in China. Both are compulsory for a foreigner’s legal stay in China, and requested by China Immigration and Police Station.

  •  Medical Check in China  

This is compulsory and requested by China Immigration and Police Station for Resident Permit. SICAS help you do it at the right time to avoid unnecessary penalties. 

  •  Insurance in China  

This is compulsory and requested by Ministry of Education, P.R.China & Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P.R.China. SICAS make sure that you’ll get the right type of insurance and the insurance company that you’ve chosen can really help when the regarding issues (like car and health issue) arise.

  •  New Students Orientation Week

For the first week, SICAS arrange specific SICAS Student Service Team Member to take care of  you whole week, 24/7. You will be assisted in shopping, banking, booking tickets and hotel, linking with all professional Departments, finding religious venues, etc. SICAS Student Service Team Members are fluent in English, Chinese and full of experience to handle any emergent issue for you.

SICAS offer to SICAS "PLUS Service Package" Students a four to six years 24 hours parents -style care for any urgent issue or accident of SICAS Students.

You can click the following records of some students to see and know better about what will happen after their arrival in China.

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