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Emails to SICAS Advisers from Oversea Students (March 16th-21th, 2014)

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Editor`s note: This week SICAS Advisors are busy helping oversea students with their application for China Universities starting from 2014 September Admission. 

How do  the oversea students evaluate SICAS Advisor`s job? Let`s find the answer from the following emails which among thousands of letters we received this week. 

I have made a decision to study medicine at Jinzhou medical university  or Shenyang medical college starting this academic year because those seem to be only universities in China with elevated success rate for Nigerian applicant, thus this influenced my decision. My Adviser named Adam has been of great help in helping me make this decision.

-- Hyacinthe (Nigerian)

I have already filled in an application form to study Medicine at JILIN UNIVERSITY  in ENGLISH. I just made the payments using Western Union and should be sending the Scanned copy anytime. 

The SICAS Advisor  I have been dealing with is  LISA, she has been very helpful I must say.

-- Raphael (Australia)

Many thanks for your good suggestion.  I want to admit in Guangzhou medical university. I already completed the SICAS online application form. Lily help me for completing. Thanks Lily.

-- Teejay, (Congo) 

My advisor, Devin Lee has definitely been a great help in informing all I need to know about studying abroad.

-- Sonnet (South Africa)

Thanks a lot for the help from your organization and I wish to receive more as days go by. 

-- Glendah (Bangladesh) 

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