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Frequently Asked Questions Over the Past Week

Views:875 Time:1/26/2018 10:50:49 AM

Recently many students ask SICAS about their application for 2014 September Intake through our social media. 

We guarantee a personal response for all the question that asked, making sure everyone get the information they need. 

We hope one reply from us can help many others who are wondering about the same thing.  Thus, we gather frequently asked questions over the past week for your reference.

1. Q: When is the application deadline for Autumn intake?

A: For most universities, the application deadline is  in late July . Early application are favored for the vacancies are limited. 

2. Q:  I did fill in the part where it said "contacts in China" because I have I don't know what you can do to help on that part...

A: If you do not have " contacts in China", just fill in "none" or  "nil" is ok. 

3. Q:  I miss one document! my diploma for high school. Actually only test results have been published 2 weeks ago but we still waiting for the hard copies. What should I do?

    Q:  I'm currently going to graduate in June of 2014 from high school. My question is what do I submit in place of my high school diploma during the application process if I'am graduating?

A: You need no worry. You can go to your high  school to ask for a Certificate Letter indicating you have graduated or you are studying there. The Certificate Letters should be signed and stamped by  your 
high school. 

4. Q: Based on my transcripts and other documents that I sent to my SICAS Advisor, He said I can get admitted in two top medical universities: Liaoning Medical University and Dalian Medical University. 

I do not know how to apply and what the fees look like.

A: About how to apply ( four steps to do)

  • Step1: Fill in the application form online.
  • Step2: Upload required application documents.
  • Step3: Pay fees/ Send to University
  • Step4: Track Admission Status

About the fees

When you applied universities through SICAS. You need to pay:

  • SICAS Processing Fee (50 U.S. dollars, which covers your application to five programs)
  • University's application fee (ranging from 60-150 U.S. dollars per program). For Liaoning Medical University, Dalian Medical University the application fee is 150 U.S. dollars.

5: Q: I have submitted the application fees and SICAS processing fee as suggested by you. Kindly tell me  the next step as soon as possible.

A: After you uploaded your payment receipt of bank or after you paid through Paypal, please wait for 1-2 working days for SICAS to confirm your payment with the bank. If we receive your payment, your payment method will change from "Confirming" to "Confirmed". Then you can click the "Send to Uni."button. 

Once the admission office of the university has made any updating of your admission status. SICAS will notify you to "Track Admission Status" in your "My SICAS Account"

6. Q: What are the top universities in China offering BDS in English medium? 


Only several Chinese universities open BDS program  in English Medium. The following universities  is ranking according to their popularity, you can click  the courses to get more information and start online application.

City University Program Tuition Fee
Dalian Dalian Medical University Stomatology (BDS in English) RMB 35000/Year
Wenzhou Wenzhou Medical College Stomatology ( in English)  RMB 28000/Year
Chengdu Sichuan University Stomatology RMB 36000/Year
Zhengzhou Zhengzhou University Stomatology (BDS in English)  RMB 40000/Year

7. Q: My choice of programe is MBBS but i have not been specific in schools selection. i leave the school with you to decide.

A: Tks for your trust. Choosing which university to study can be a life changing decision. Do as much research as possible so that you choose the right institutes for the right reasons. To help you make your decision, SICAS recommended popular MOE-listed Universities for you to choose. 

The following school is ranking according to their popularity, you can click  the courses to get more information and start online application.

City University Program Tuition Fee
Jinan Shandong University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English)  RMB 45000/Year
Weifang Weifang Medical University MBBS (in English) RMB 22000/Year
Soochow Soochow University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 35000/Year
Wuhan Huazhong University of 
Science and Technology
Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 40000/Year
Jinzhou Liaoning Medical University Clinical Medicine(MBBS) RMB 28000/Year
Dalian Dalian Medical University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English or
 in Japanese)
RMB 40000/Year
Changchun Jilin University MBBS Program (in English) RMB 29000/Year
Wuhan Wuhan University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 32000/Year
Ningbo Ningbo University MBBS (In English) RMB 25000/Year
Shenyang China Medical University MBBS in English-Autumn Intake RMB 35000/Year
Jiamusi Jiamusi University MBBS(Clinical Medicine in English) RMB 22000/Year
Jilin Beihua University MBBS (in English) RMB 21000/Year
Nanjing Guangxi Medical University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 30000/Year
Yangzhou Yangzhou University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 22000/Year
Shihezi Shihezi University MBBS in English-Autumn Intake RMB 25000/Year
Zhenjiang Jiangsu University MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of
 Surgery in English)
RMB 22000/Year
Xi'an Xi'an Jiaotong University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 40000/Year
Fuzhou Fujian Medical University MBBS in English (Clinical Medicine) RMB 30000/Year
Xiamen Xiamen University MBBS in English - Autumn Intake RMB 26000/Year
Nanjing Southeast University Clinical Medicine(MBBS in English) RMB 30600/Year

As you prepare your application, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We're happy to be of assistance! 

Click here to start your application.


Contact us if you are interested in studying in China

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