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SICAS Interview with Ms. Zhang Shoufeng -- Dean of the International School of University of Jinan

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SICAS –Study In China Admission System is an efficient, accurate and safe authorized online platform to help international students directly get admissions into China universities and colleges. Until now, SICAS has been authorized by more than 600 universities, including University of Jinan

University of Jian authorized SICAS -- Study In China Admission System ( as the exclusive partner of University of Jinan to under take Admission Center of the following countries to recruit qualified students form Somalia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, India, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigerian, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka. 

Besides, in order to encourage excellent international students and help students who need financial aid to realize their dream of studying in China, SICAS and University of Jinan Jointly issued 2014 University of Jian SICAS Scholarship for New International Students.

On December 29, 2013, SICAS CEO Ms Zhanglu and SICAS School  Department staff members met with Ms. Zhang Shoufeng -- Dean of the International School of  University of Jinan during which he accepted an exclusive SICAS interview.

What follows is a transcript of the conversation which has been slightly condensed, and edited for clarity:
Host: First of all, thank you obviously for your time, Ms. Zhang. Could you please give us a brief introduction of UJN?

Ms. Zhang: Sure. University of Jinan is a key and comprehensive university in Shandong Province and is also entitled a distinctive institution of higher learning which is committed to producing applied-talented students. Nowadays, University of Jinan has become an important base of talent training for local and regional economic development, and more than 170,000 students have graduated from the University of Jinan

Host: Ah, it seems that a great many students choose UJN as their perfect study destination. What courses can International students study at UJN in China? 

Ms. Zhang: Our university offers English Taught  Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in both March Session and Sepetember Session each year and enjoys the right to recommend postgraduates exempting admission examinations.

Host: Does UJN have exchange and cooperation with foreign universities and institutes? 

Ms. Zhang: Sure Our university has promoted policies of opening-up and internationalization. We has been actively developing relationships with foreign counterparts by means of visiting scholar programs, academic exchange, and international cooperation and exchange programs and agreements. Up to now, University of Jinan has established international cooperative relationships with 50 foreign counterparts. The universities and institutions are in countries including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and etc. About 170 well-known international scholars have been engaged as guest professors. In addition, a Confucius Institute has been built up in the Republic of Congo in Africa.

Host: How about the specialties and disciplines in your university?

Ms. Zhang: Our university has always attached great importance to strengthening specialties and disciplines. There are 47 key disciplines and research bases at the national or provincial level. In addition, there is one key national laboratory managed by the Shandong Provincial Government and one engineering research center under the Chinese Ministry of Education. Further, there are 13 key provincial discipline bases, 11 key provincial level laboratories, 4 key laboratories funded by the Shandong "Twelfth-Five-Year Plan", 7 social science research bases approved by the Shandong Provincial Government, and 10 provincial-level engineering research centers.

Host: Ah, great! International students may also be concerned about accommodation and living facilities.

Ms. Zhang:Life on campus is very convenient and safe. Our university  provides international students dormitories for foreign students. There are single-room, double-room and three-room dormitories for foreign students. The students can choose what they like. Most of the dormitories are equipped with necessary facilities including internet access, TV, basic furniture, toilet, telephone or even kitchens.  We also provide heaters in winter. 

Host: Wow, really livable campus environment!

Ms. Zhang: Yeah! University of Jinan will be a perfect destination for International students to study in China. We look forward to excellent applicants from around the world to apply for UJN through SICAS! 

Host: Thank you for staying with us, Ms. Zhang.

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