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After the Two Kenya Students Arrived in China

 11th October, 2013

It was 5:00 PM, 11th October when our SICAS Service Team Member Alan, Vincent and Gideon droved to Weifang. Another SICAS Service Team Member Eric from had already found a clean hotel near their school. 

Vincent and Gideon laid on the bed after they went into the room, both of them said they  need a rest. So Eric went to the restaurant and bought some Chinese food for Vincent and Gideon. Eric also taught them how to use chopsticks.

 12th October, 2013

9:30-10:30AM:  Eric took them to walk around Weifang Medical University

After that, Eric guided Vincent and Gideon to the Service Center to take photos.

 13th October, 2013

10:30-12:00AM: Eric took them to the Bank of China to apply for a bank card .

12:20-12:50AM Gideon wanted to buy a new phone, so Eric companied them to a  moblie phone store and bought one .

14th October, 2013 

Eric helped them to move into the school dorm and made bed for them.

This is the first four days of our SICAS Service Team Members` service for Vincent and Gideon in Weifang Medical University. If you want to kown  more, welcome to contact with us or come to  Weifang to meet they two.

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