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Diary of Banyanga from Tanzania September 26

 Walking to bus station

It was the second day, today we started earlier for my physical examination. Ting told me it will take a long time to complete it. We left school at 7:30 am. About one hour latter, we arrived the hospital and waited for the examination. We took a form, payed the examination fee, and I began to do the examination. The doctor measured my weight, height, blood pressure etc. After this, we walked to take bus. Ting is lovely and active, it is really happy when we were together, and I learned some Chinese language from her like “XIEXIE” “ZAIJIAN”. 

   Physical Examination

When we were back, it was about 11 o’clock. In my doom, she asked if I have something needed or things were still not deal. I just bought things yesterday, and everything went well now. Anyway, it was kind for her to take care of me. 

  Go back to campus by bus 


Cause she had courses afternoon, we said goodbye early today. I like here, like the campus, like the people and also like the feeling after I arriving here. I think I will have a nice journey in Jinan China.