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SICAS Interview with Ms. Yang Liu--Vice Dean of the School of International Studies of Central South University (CSU)

Views:757 Time:12/8/2008 12:00:00 AM

SICAS has been continuing to make great efforts to prepare International students with a large amount of true and valuable information about China and leading universities in China before arriving in China. Characteristic of efficiency, accuracy and safety, SICAS has established reliable partnerships with more than 200 first-rate universities in China, including CSU. On Dec 8, 2008, SICAS CEO Ms Zhanglu and SICAS School Liaison Department staff members met with Ms. Yang Liu--Vice Dean of the School of International Studies of Central South University, during which she accepted an exclusive SICAS interview.

What follows is a transcript of the conversation which has been slightly condensed, and edited for clarity:

Host: First of all, thank you obviously for your time, Ms. Yang. Could you please give us a brief introduction of CSU?
Ms. Yang: Sure. Located in Changsha, a historic and cultural city in Hunan province, central south of PRC, CSU was established on the basis of the amalgamation of the three former individual universities, namely Central South University of Technology (founded in 1952), Hunan Medical University (founded in 1914) and Changsha Railway University (founded in 1953). CSU covers an area of 3,810,000 square meters, with advanced teaching and research equipment and 3 top affiliated hospitals which enjoy good reputation.

Host: What programs does CSU offer to International students?
Ms. Yang: CSU covers 11 fields of study, including engineering, science, medicine, management, literature, law, economics, philosophy, education, history and agriculture, and offers military science as well. CSU consists of 30 colleges offering 83 programs for bachelors’ degrees, and a graduate school comprising a number of national key disciplines, including 6 at first-level (ranking 8th in China), 12 at second-level and one in development. 27 first-level disciplines are authorized to confer masters and doctoral degrees. 191 programs are offered for doctoral degrees, 307 programs for masters’ degrees and 19 programs for professional masters’ degrees. CSU also has 24 post-doctoral exchange centers, ranking 9thamong Chinese universities and colleges in term of the numbers.

Host: CSU programs are diversified. What courses are popular among International students?
Ms. Yang: Central South University (CSU) opens many English-medium degree programs, ranging from bachelors, masters and doctors. The most popular Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) is tailored for International students. Other English taught Bachelor degree programs such as Law, Mining Engineering, and Nursing are opened for students as well. There are also many master degree programs for students to apply, like Applied Mathematics (in English), Computer Application Technology (in English), Computer Software & Theory (in English), International Law (in English), Mining Engineering (in English) and Nursing (in English). The English-medium Computer Application Technology for doctoral degree is also available for students to apply.

Host: Wow, so many English-medium programs for International students! They don’t have to worry about language obstacles.
Ms. Yang: Absolutely yes. CSU will be a perfect destination for International students to study MBBS in China. We look forward to excellent applicants from around the world to apply for CSU through SICAS!

Host: Thank you for staying with us, Ms. Yang. 

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