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Hohhot, which in Mongolian means “the green city”, is the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and it’s also the political, economic and cultural centre of the region. Lying between the Yinshan Mountain and the Yellow River, the city district covers about 17,244 square kilometers with a population of 2,600,000. The city has a unique combination of people from diverse ethnic groups which include Mongolian, Han, Manchu, Hui and Ewenke etc. All in all, there are people from more than 36 ethnic groups living in Hohhot.

Tourism and Specialties

Hohhot is a pearl north of Great Wall with 400-year history. There are many tourist sites in this region; both the widely grassland and ancient ruins can be found here. Some of the most famous attractions are the Dazhao Temple, Five-Pagoda Temple and the Xilituzhao Palace. Travelers can also enjoy a wide range of activities including horse riding, visiting a native house on the Gegentala and Xilamuren Grasslands. If you were lucky, there are some traditional festivals of native herdsman you might be witnessed. During the grand gathering, ethnic delicacies and the clemency of local people were added to the remarkable performance of Mongolian folk songs and wrestling and you may experience the unique aspect of Mongolian’s life. 

By taking the chance of Western Development, the government of Hohhot has put stress on boosting the tourism industry. As a tourist resort, Hohhot has a modern reliable and convenient transport network, excellent accommodation facilities and large shopping centers. You can find various Mongolian specialties in Hohhot, ranging from decorate traditional knives, Mongolian silverwares, carpets and other decorates like camel hair products and deer antlers. The city is well-known for its dairy products and fancy roast lambs. Staying in Hohhot will leave you with an unforgettable experience and you may have already yearned for the Mongolian’s life.