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Qinhuangdao is a prefecture-level city in Hebei province, China. In 215BC, Qinshihuang who was the first emperor in China’s history arrived in the city during his country cruise. The dictator then named the city after his own name and that made Qinhuangdao the only city with a monarch title. Located not far from Beijing and Tianjin, the coastal city is known as the back yard garden. Qinhuangdao borders on the Bohai Sea and it is a famous harbor city in north China.

Tourist Attractions

The most famous attraction in Qinhuangdao is the Great Wall. Shanhaiguan, one of the administrative districts of Qinhuangdao, is one of the major passes of the Great Wall along with Jiayuguan and Juyongguan. Hills are undulating and verdant in Shanhaiguan what makes it the ideal spot to view the wonder.
Shanhaiguan is the eastern end of the Great Wall and is where the wall meets the Pacific Ocean. Given the name of “the First Pass Under Heaven”, Shanhaiguan has become a popular tourist resort.
Another renowned place for traveling in Qinhuangdao is the Beidaihe district. It is a place with beautiful natural scenery and unrivalled seascape. The national nature reserve, Changli Golden Beach Area, stretches 10 km from east to west, from Yinjiao Pavilion to the mouth of the Daihe River. The unique scene of coastal desert is something rarely seen. Beidaihe is also a precious site for wild birds’ watchers.  During spring and autumn, thousands of wild migrant birds will arrive in the city to relax and mate. So it is the best time to watch them.

The Mt.Zhu which lies in the north of Qinhuangdao is famed for bizarre stones, waterfalls and sea of cloud. The mountain has two peaks covered by numerous green pines and cypresses and is known as the’ Mt.Huang in north China’. The National Forest Park and Wildlife Park in Qinhuangdao are two notable tourist sites either.


Qinghuangdao is known as a new industrial city and an important gateway in north China. To its industry, the city has developed an industrial system in complete range with five pillar industries which are building materials manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry, mechanotronics industry and food industry.

Qinhuangdao port is a strategically crucial port in China and is the largest coal shipping port in the country. As China being the third largest coal exporter in the world, most of the coals are shipped out from Qinhuangdao port. The city is connected to Datong, the largest coal producing area in the country, by the famous Da’Qin railway. The railway is in the process of being upgraded nowadays and transporting capability is designed to meet 400 million tons of coal per annum by 2015. Thanks to its transportation convenience, Qinhuangdao has attracted many Chinese and Foreign Service suppliers to base their subsidiaries in the city. The China Ocean Shipping Co, China’s largest shipping company, plan to invest USD 49 billion in consummating the Qinghuangdao port and expect to increase port’s capability by at least 25 percent.