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Geography and Climate

Weihai is a prefecture-level city in Shandong province which was known as Weihaiwei. It located in the east tip of Shandong peninsula and it is surrounded by Huanghai Sea on three sides. Weihai is a famous port city and has numerous of tourist attractions. It is one of China’s national-level coastal open cities, also, Weihai is awarded the “first national sanitary city”.
Located in temperate zone, Weihai’s climate has a mild and seasonal feature. With annual average temperature being around 11.9 centi-degrees, the city has moderate and mild seasonal climate, neither the summer nor the winter in Weihai is too hot or too cold. Weihai is famed for its superior living environment. The city had been elected by United Nation as one of the most ideal place for living in 2003.


Due to its advantages in geographic location and transportation as well as its splendid natural conditions, Weihai has long been a desirable land for investment. Nowadays, the city is a commercial port with some light industries while it is also a crucial production spot of peanuts and other agricultural goods.

Many reputed universities like Shandong University and Harbin Institute of Technology have set their sub-campus in Weihai.


With the operation of Weihai Airport, there are regular air lines to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou domestically and Korean cities either. There are also trains departing everyday for Jinan and other parts of China from Weihai. The city has combined means of transportation which includes ocean transportation, railway and airline services. It’s convenient to travel around in Weihai.