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Dezhou is a prefecture-level city in northwest Shandong province which borders Jinan, the capital city of Shandong. The city has a long history and nowadays it’s a critical transportation nub and connects northern and southern parts of China. It is a critical transfer station on the main route from Beijing to Shanghai, which is known as Jinghu Railway.


Dezhou has many renowned historical tourist spots. One of the most famous attractions is the tomb of Sultan Paduka of Philippines, who died in Dezhou on his way back from Yongle Emperor in 1417. The tomb was luxuriously decorated and well preserved while it has been declared a national heritage site. As sultan died, his Muslim followers chose to stay in Dezhou for their living and they are classified as the Hui minority today.

There is a famous county in Dezhou named Linxian which used to be called Pingyuan that means plain in Chinese. It had been a famed county since Han Dynasty. Before the Three Kingdoms, one of the three emperors Liu Bei used to be the chief of LinxianCounty. In addition, Linxian County is also the hometown of two famed ancient literators, one is Dong Fangshuo from Han Dynasty and the other is Yan Zhenqing from Tang Dynasty. Both of them culminated the art of Chinese calligraphy and their masterpieces are reserved in the memorial hall which is built in People’s park of Lingxian.

There is also a noted Buddhist temple named Haidao Jinshan Temple in Dezhou. People visit the temple to view the amazing underground aisle where the sight is portrayed by latest laser lights.

Solar Energy

Dezhou has enjoyed the fame of its solar energy for a long time. With the development of two main corporations included—Himin Group and Ecco Solar Group, Dezhou has gained the fully reputation of China Solar Valley. In 2010, Dezhou beat renowned Oxford and Adelaide as host of the International Solar City Congress. 

The most famous university—Dezhou University is a comprehensive University with 17884 students and it was approved by the National Education Committee in March, 2000. There are also many reputed professional technology institutes in Dezhou while many specialized technical workers are cultivated each year.

Tourist Handbook

1. Dezhou is well-known for its braised chicken and watermelon.
2. The name of Dezhou is the same as the abbreviation of the Chinese name for the state of Texas, USA.