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Fuxin is a prefecture-level city in Liaoning province, northeastern China. It located at the joint part between Liaoning province and Inner Mongolia. The city area covered around 3900 square miles and its total population was 1.93 million in 2005. In addition, Fuxin is known as “the capital of jade dragon”.

Fuxin is situated in the northwest of Liaoning province, around 147.5 kilometers away from Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning.


Fuxin is a mining center in an agricultural region. It is abundant of coal and it generates a huge amount of electricity every year. There are many national level construction projects carried on in Fuxin.


The well-know Liaoning Technical University is located in Fuxin. The college is famous for its technology research power. It has four national level researching centers and a large group of well-read and knowledgeable teaching faculty. Liaoning Technical University enjoys a high reputation across China.


Fuxin has well organized high way system and is served by the China National Highway 101, which connects Beijing to Shanghai. It is also convenient to travel aro