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Geography and climate

As the capital of Guizhou province, Guiyang nests in the eastern part of southwest China’s Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with Hunan Province to its east, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the south, Yunnan Province to the west, and Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality to the north. Its central location at the southwestern China makes it a crucial hub for the region.

Temperate and humid, Guiyang has a subtropical monsoon climate, with fairly mild winters and warm summers. The seasons are not particularly distinct. The climate is often mild and moist, neither too hot nor very cold. Spring, summer and autumn are the best seasons for visiting Guiyang. The yearly average temperature of Guiyang is about 15 C (59 F). July is the hottest month of the year with an average of 24 C (75 F) while January is the coldest one, averaging a temperature of 4.6 C (40 F). Generally, Guiyang has a pleasant climate all year around


One of Guiyang’s big successes is the city's ability to balance nature and commerce--not something that many other cities of China can compete with. In fact, Guiyang is increasingly recognized nationally for its sustainability and "green" credentials, and it does indeed offer visitors a number of easily accessible natural attractions either in or near the city. What’s more, Guiyang is the economic and commercial hub of Guizhou Province. The city is also a large center for retail and wholesale commercial activities with operations of major domestic and international general retailers as well as consumer electronics and appliance sellers. So actually, Guiyang is on its way to become an economic power.

The government also puts considerable amount of money into Guiyang’s development. Some of Guiyang’s railways are still under construction. Once completed, Guiyang will make a great leap in its development and Guiyang‘s future is bright.


Many minority groups reside in Guiyang. So in Guiyang there are many traditional ethnic cultural elements. Those people will wear colorful costumes and sing and dance during their festival occasions. So when you come to Guiyang, you will have opportunities to experience the mysteries of ethnic culture.


There are many beautiful lakes and mountains in Guiyang. Guiyang is famous for its unique landform. Guiyang is also known for its perfect combination of natural scenery and culture heritage. In fact, Guiyang preserves a lot of historical sites such as Jianxiu Tower, Hongfu temple and so on. As for the natural scenic spots, they are countless such as Huangguoshu Waterfall, Baihua Lake Scenic Area, Tianhe Pool Scenic Area Jianxiu Tower is the symbol of Guiyang also known as the First Scholar’s Tower. Guiyang attracts a lot of visitors every year because of its abundant tourism attractions. It is worthwhile to pay a visit to Guiyang.


Guiyang government put a lot of emphasis on Guiyang’s education. As is known to all that China is a country that values talents and intellectuals a lot. So the government always put education in a very important place. There are many different types of universities in Guiyang such as Guiyang college of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Guiyang Medical University. Guiyang Medical University has a very long history. Guiyang medical university now has 627 full time teachers among which there are 50 teachers with doctorates and 271 with master’s degree. There are 320 master’s supervisors. If you are interested in Chinese traditional medicine, come to Guiyang.