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Haikou, also known as “Coconut City", is the capital of Hainan Province, a tropical island with beautiful beaches. Haikou is the largest city on the island and its population is about 1,600,000.

Geography and Climate

Haikou situates at the northern end of Hainan Island, surrounded by sea on three sides. The Nandu River runs across the city into the sea. In another world, Haikou is the gate for Nandu River to flow into the sea. Moreover, it is Nandu river that created the northern district of Haidian Island, where locates Hainan University.

Haikou is at the northern edge of the Torrid Zone, and it belongs to the monsoon tropical zone. Haikou usually has hot summers and mild winters, with high humidity.  It rains a lot from May to October with most rainfall coming in September. The average annual temperature in Haikou is around 24°C. July and August are the hottest months with the average temperature about 29°C, and January, the coldest, with the temperature around17°C.


Haikou is an economy and trade center of Hainan province. It is the frontier of the Southern economic development zone near Southeast Asia. Hai kou is a hub that links china’s mainland and Southeast Asia. What’s more since 1949, Haikou has maintained its position as Hainan's main port .Therefore; it has great advantage over developping regional cooperation in Southern economic development zone and also export-oriented economy
Besides, Haikou is also the traffic hub of water, land and air transport. There are six rivers running across Haikou. Haikou is a port city. Because of its convenient transportation and abundant natural breath-taking sites, Haikou also develops fast in its tourism. In a world Haikou is becoming stonger and stronger in its economy.


Haikou has to accommodate large numbers of tourists because of its picturesque coastline and pleasant climate every year. Along the long coastline stretches numerous amazing beaches and resorts such as Holiday Beach, Baishamen Beach, Xinbu Beach and so on. Among these beaches, Holiday Beach is the best place for swimming. Xixiu Beach is the training and racing base for Chinese National Sailing Team.

Apart from natural scenes, Haikou also has a lot of places of historical interests including Wugong Temple, the Tomb of Hai Rui, and Xiuying Ancient Cannon Fort, which is one of the 4 ancient cannon forts. In general, Haikou is a wonderful place for tourists rich in both natural scenery and historical heritage.


Haikou culture is a perfect combination of traditional culture and foreign culture. Its traditional culture includes Qiong Opera, Junpo Festival, Huanghua Festival, Coconut Festivaland dragon and lion dances.

Haikou people maintained a lot of old traditions. You can get a good picture of Chinese tradition when you come to China. However, Haikou is not a conservative city. Because of its unique location, it also absorbed in many foreign things uch as karaoke, golf, sailing and surfing. So you will fit into Haikou culture easily and Haikou will embrace you immediately

The educational quality of Haikou always ranks high in the whole province. Haikou municiple government attaches great improtances to education. So the government has put a lot of energy and funds into Haikou’s education career. About Hainan University: It is the only university in Hainan that has the qualification to recommend outstanding graduates to study for Master’s degeree without examination. There are more than 1,400 full time teachers of whom there are 190 teachers with doctorates, 56 doctoral supervisors, 397 master instructors. And the university also invites many Nobel Prize winners as its guest professors.So it is a good choice to study in Hainan University.