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Geography and Climate

Located in the lower reaches of the Min River, the capital city of Fujian Province, Fuzhou City is situated in the eastern part of the Province. Fuzhou, the center of economy, politics, culture and transportation of Fujian Province, was so named after a mountain situated in the north called Mt. Fu. Additionally, many banyans were planted in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and now provide shade for the entire city giving it another good name - Rong Cheng (Banyan City). Besides, the city is renowned for both quality and quantity of hot springs throughout China. Fuzhou enjoys a typical sub-tropical marine climate, characterized by mild temperature; the average annual temperature is 19.6 degrees Centigrade. July and August are the hottest months when the temperature reaches over 30. Winter is fairly warm, although temperature on the coldest nights can drop to 3.


Fuzhou is an industrial center and seaport on the Min River. The mineral resources are abundant. Among them, the reserve of Yela Stone is in the first place in China. The resources of forests, aquatic products and electronic products are rich too. Fuzhou is the important industrial base in Fujian Province.

Fuzhou is also the communication hub both for the water transport and for the land transport. Mawei Port is the out port that is in the northern part of Ma River. It has been the port for foreign trade since the ancient times in China. Fuzhou was opened to foreign trade in 1842 as a concession to the British after China was defeated in the first Opium War. From then on until the late 19th century, Fuzhou was a major port for the export of tea. In 1980's, Mawei was built as an economy and technique development area. From then on, it has been one of the important trade ports in China. Now, it has the economic and trade relationship with about 22 countries and areas in the world.

Local Food

Fuzhou boasts a prosperous food culture. Fuzhou dishes are representative of the Min Cuisine that is very much a feature of Fujian Province and is one of the Eight Major Cuisines of China. Min, (which is short for Fujian Province), has its own unique style that has evolved over a very long period of time and each of the various recipes are very precise with an emphasis placed on their savory sauces. These sauces are mild and of a sweet and sour nature and together with meats and vegetables that are cut and prepared in a particular manner, combine into wonderfully appetizing dishes. As in other provinces, snacks are very much part of daily diet and the tasty Fuzhou snacks rightly deserve their recognition as 'Famous Chinese Snacks'


Fuzhou is a famous tourist city with beautiful and countless sceneries and an excellent city center, and with natural and manmade sights. There are famed mountains, temples, tombs, gardens, towers and Fuzhou is a renowned tourists’ destination which is rich with beautiful and countless sceneries. Abundant with natural and manmade sights, you can find famed mountains, temples, tombs, gardens and other cultural relics throughout the city. The most famous site in Fuzhou is the national scenic area of Mt.Gu, means drum in Chinese, located in the eastern suburb of the city. The evergreen mountain is renowned for its Buddhist scenic spot sitting on the north bank of the Min River only 17 kilometers away from downtown Fuzhou. It gained its name from a large rock on the mountaintop shaped like a drum. What’s more, during thunderstorms, thunder appeared to emanate from atop the giant ‘drum’, hence the name Mt.Gu. Sights in Fuzhou City are splendid but refined. If you are interested in the landscape of south China, Fuzhou City is a good place to visit


The educational quality of Fuzhou always occupies the front row in the whole province. There are 8 Academicians, more than 1,000 Professors and 800 Doctors in Fuzhou. They are all over the world. From restarting College Entrance Examination to now, we cultivated more than 170,000 students for Chinese universities & colleges and 224 teenager college students. The most reputed institutes in Fuzhou is the Fuzhou University. Founded in 1958, the University has developed in just 45 years into one of China’s finest universities, distinguishing itself initially as a centre of science and engineering. Today, the University also has a reputation for excellence in other fields including economics and management, arts and design, law and the liberal arts. Fuzhou University has been selected for inclusion in the “211 Project”, a Chinese government program to promote further rapid development of 100 selected universities.