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China's University Guide

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Best Universities in China —The “211”and “985”projects

Chinese government has launched “211” and “985” projects to develop some world-class universities as well as improving the quality of Chinese higher education. Universities from these two lists are commonly recognized as keys institutes in China and also enjoy worldwide reputation... More..
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1. Popular Listed Universities with English Taught MBBS Programs
2. Popular Non-listed Universities with English Taught MBBS Programs
3. Popular Universities with English Taught Chinese Medicine Courses
1. Popular Universities for Mechanical Engineering
2. Popular Universities for Civil Engineering
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  Top Universities by Subjects
· Clinical Medicine
· Oral Medicine
· Traditional Chinese Medicine
· Business Administration
· Mechanical Engineering
· Electrical Engineering
· Architecture Engineering
· Information and Communication Engineering

· Applied Economics
· Civil Engineering
· Oil and Nature Gas Engineering
· Aeronautical and Astronautical Science Engineering