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Best Universities in China

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— The “211” and “985” projects

Chinese government has launched “211” and “985” projects to develop some world-class universities as well as improving the quality of Chinese higher education. Universities from these two lists are commonly recognized as keys institutes in China and also enjoy worldwide reputation. All of these listed universities provide various programs for international students to choose from with a large proportion of these programs are conducted in English.

Project “211”

The “211” project was originally initiated in 1995 by China’s Ministry of Education to strengthen about 100 key universities. These listed universities are under the direct administration of the China’s Ministry of Education and enjoy both financial and policies support from it. Famed for their research capability, the 211 institutes are responsible for producing 80 percent of the country’s doctoral graduates. What’s more, these universities admit students from all over the world and you would certainly be impressed by their international environment.

Here is a list of the “211” project


School Title



China University of Petroleum (Huadaong)



Beijing Foreign Studies of University



Central South University



Shandong University



Donghua University



Huazhong University of Science and Technology



Wuhan University of Technology



Shihezi University


(Click here to see the whole list)

Project “985”

The “985” project gains its name from Chinese former President Jiang Zemin at the 100th anniversary of Peking University on May 4, 1998. He declared that “China must have a number of first-rate universities of international advanced level”, so the 985 project was launched. After the second phase of the project launched in 2004, the number of listed universities had reached almost 40. Below is the “985” list:

Here is the list of Project 985 Universities

1. Fudan University
2. Harbin Institute of Technology
3. Nanjing University
4. Xi'an Jiao Tong University
5. Beihang University
6. Beijing Institute of Technology
7. Beijing Normal University
8. Central South University
9. Central University for Nationalities (Minzu University of China)
10. Chongqing University
11. Dalian University of Technology
12. East China Normal University
13. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
14. Hunan University
15. Jilin University
16. Ocean University of China
17. Tianjin University
18. Tongji University
19. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
20. Wuhan University
21. Xiamen University
22. Shandong University
23. Sichuan University
24. South China University of Technology
25. Southeast University
26. Sun Yat-sen University
27. Peking University
28. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
29. Tsinghua University
30. University of Science and Technology of China
31. Zhejiang University
32. China Agricultural University
33. Lanzhou University
34. Nankai University
35. National University of Defense Technology
36. Northeastern University
37. Northwest A&F University
38. Northwestern Polytechnic University
39. Renmin University of China

"School Tier"

To help you identify these best universities in China, SICAS has labeled them in the ‘university tier’ category on each university’s profile. For example, Shandong University
is both a 211 and 985 institutes. So it is written 211/ 985 in the column of “University Tier”.