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Application Guide for 2023 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Foundation Programs

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Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is a top-ranking and national key university under the administration of the Ministry of Education, P. R. China. According to the latest 2022 US NEWS and TIMES Best Global Universities Ranking, HUST ranks top 200 in the global university ranking and has become a top destination for international students. Since 1960s, HUST has cultivated more than 10,000 outstanding international talents from over 160 countries and regions in the world.

HUST has been committed to developing a dynamic and innovative comprehensive university, covering 10 disciplines including engineering, medicine, economics, law, philosophy, education, literature, science, management, and art. There are 212 English-medium programs in total, including 6 undergraduate programs, 101 master programs, and 105 doctoral programs. Eighty-five percent of the international students are registered in the English-medium programs.

2023 Application Guide for Foundation Programs (On Campus)

1. Eligibility

Applicants must hold a valid foreign passport and have graduated from high school (high school graduates can provide a pre-graduation certificate during application, and provide graduation certificate before registration);

Foreign citizens, in good physical and mental health, and with good academic performance.

2. Documents Needed for Application


2).Academic Certificate: official certificate of your highest education or the official document of enrollment issued by the current institution.

3). Transcripts

4). Physical Examination Form  .  Applicants in China can upload personal health certificate or residence permit instead.

5).Certificate of Non-criminal Record. A certificate issued by the police station or law enforcement agency certifying that you have no previous criminal record.

6).Financial Certification/Bank Statement, 5000 USD or above.

7).Applicants under the age of 18 shall provide certified documents of designation signed by their entrusted legal guardians in China.

Note: All application documents must be in Chinese or English edition. Documents issued in the third language should be translated in Chinese or English editions.

Application and Admission Procedures

Application closing date: Dec 31, 2022

4. Duration:

16 weeks, 30 class hours/week (1 class hour=45 min)

5. Fees:

Tuition:17500 CNY

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2023 Application Guide for Foundation Programs (Online)


1. Educational background: Applicants should hold a valid foreign passport and have graduated from high school or obtained an equivalent high school diploma.

2. Language Proficiency: The Online Foundation Program is an English-medium program. Applicants should have basic knowledge of English.

3. Age: 18-25 years old (by September 1, 2023).

2.Documents Needed for Application

Valid passport or official ID card issued by the home country and input relevant personal information.

4. Duration:

10weeks, 30 class hours/week


Tuition and program details: 10000 CNY, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Chinese

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