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South Africa Girl`s Comments to SICAS Advisor Tina& SICAS Team

Views:998 Time:7/29/2022 12:00:00 AM

Editor`s note: Congratulations to SICAS South African student MEMORY NKUNJANA who got her admission letter in Ningbo University.
She sent a video record to appreciate SICAS Tina and SICAS Team.  the following is what she said:

"Good day everyone

Good day SICAS team

I'm MEMORY NKUNJANA, a 23 year old south african citizen

I had appointed SICAS to help me with my application to get admitted to a Chinese university this year and my agent was goes by the name of Tina. she's the one who worked me through the whole process of the application and I am pleased to announce that I got accepted by Ningbo University in Zhejiang province and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

I'm so grateful for tina for always like being there for me through every step of the way any inquiries that I have.

she really helped me a lot with this application and it was a successful application.

so I am really grateful and I am thankful for all the SICAS candidates that help international students to get schools in China.
You are doing a very wonderful job and I recommend you so much for that.

Thank you once again Tina and SICAS."

If you wanna more about his video, pls add SICAS wechat Channel   "SICAS留学中国“ for more information


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