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Grateful Letter from Mozambique

Views:523 Time:5/6/2022 2:55:09 PM

Many students may wonder how SICAS helps international students apply school in China, what kind of service SICAS offers.

Today we invite international student Jingya who is now studying at Zhejiang Normal University  to tell his opinion about SICAS.

Learning Chinese seemed to be something I was destined to do, and I still remember that my original purpose of learning Chinese was to become a computer engineer in China. But on the road of chasing my dream, I gradually changed my course. Because I found that on the way of chasing my dreams, Chinese has gradually become a beacon to guide me. 

My interest in Chinese is getting stronger and stronger, from the non-standard pronunciation at the beginning to the skilled expression; from the beginning of not knowing Chinese characters, not knowing how to write Chinese characters, and now being able to write a relatively complete article in Chinese characters; from the very beginning I was ashamed to speak Chinese and now I can communicate and speak in Chinese confidently. During this period, I have received a lot of blessings and praises.

I appreciate SICAS for its accurate information about courses and universities. 

More fortunately, on the way to pursue what I love, SICAS has always accompanied me to overcome difficulties. SICAS patiently provided me with professional guidance and help, and encouraged and supported me to a bigger stage again and again. Not only that, but I also met a group of lovely Chinese friends. Although we are from different countries, with different skin colors and cultural backgrounds, we share the same love for speech and recitation. We support each other and give each other strength like family members.

SICAS is indeed the one focusing on students, and serving students. We hope you improve yourself every single day.

-- by Ou Jingya(Mozambique) 

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