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Thank You Letter from A Ethiopian Student

Views:886 Time:9/21/2020 5:50:27 PM

Many students may wonder how SICAS helps international students apply school in China, what kind of service SICAS offers.


Today we invite international student Kalkidan who is now studying International Economy and Trade at Ningbo University to tell her opinion about SICAS.


Hello everyone, my name is Kalkidan. I’m from Ethiopia. I’m 19 years old. I am here to tell you more about SICAS. So I came here last year and I learned Chinese. Now I am at my new college. 

Thanks SICAS. So let me now go off topic and tell you more about SICAS. SICAS offers a pick-up service. They pick you up from the airport and then take you to your dorm. They pay for your accommodation which is a very good deal. 

Yeah all I can say is you all are in good hands. You can apply and you can say for yourself. I loved and enjoyed my one year there in Qingdao BRCIC because of SICAS

Yeah they can help you apply to other schools if you want. For example, I am here because of them. I mean they applied for me, they finished everything for me. All I had to do was pay my tuition. That’s it. 

So all I’m trying to say is yeah you are in good hands and thank you so much. Bye~

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