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A letter to Incoming Students of Wenzhou University.

Views:671 Time:8/6/2020 6:00:16 PM

Dear WZU international students,


Wenzhou University has followed closely the latest development of and continues to actively monitor the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19) outbreak. Currently the pandemic situation in Wenzhou had largely been brought under control, but prevention and control measures are strictly implemented given its transmissibility and the volatile situation in and especially out of China.


In light of the above-mentioned circumstances, international students studying or planning to come to study in China for this fall semester will inevitably face challenges. Therefore, Wenzhou University is putting in place at the same time online and offline educational services in order to enable more of you to pursue your education as planned and realize the dream of studying in China.


Application procedure:


Student application: All student applications remain unchanged according to the original process, we will review them according to the normal procedures, and the deadline for online submission of application materials is July 31,2020. For Chinese Language application is open till the end of August. The 2020 tuition and related scholarship polices will be implemented in accordance with the normal procedure. For students in China, the school will handle resident permits for students in accordance with the normal procedures. For students abroad, the school issues an electronic admission notice. After the country opens its border policy, the school will coordinate to prepare relevant visa application materials so that students can successfully complete their visas to study in China.

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