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How Are Foreigners` Lives Affected by the Outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus?

Views:976 Time:2/5/2020 5:21:55 PM
Nineteen thousand foreigners live in Hubei province. How are their lives affected by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus? China Daily talked to Ghamgeen Izat Rashed, an Iraqi who teaches at Wuhan University

I'm all right in Wuhan. Like other residents, since the outbreak, my family and I try not to go out, but we wear masks when we do go out, in keeping with the government's requirements.

We canceled our family reunion dinner and New Year's festivities. We three in my family stay at home, and my parents-in-law stay at their own home. We watch the news, movies and TV series, and exercise every day. We tutor and play with our child. Our life is full. We also disinfect the apartment every day.

My family from Iraq contacted me, asking if I was OK, and I said: Don't worry. I'm fine here.

Since the lockdown of the city, my life hasn't been greatly affected. We go to the supermarket to buy food. The items available are the same as usual, various kinds of vegetables, and there is no significant price increase.

I have been contacted many times by Wuhan University, and the school I work in, my community and the foreign affairs department of the province, telling me to be cautious and stay home as much as possible.

The school has asked teachers to continue to guide students at home. I keep in touch with my students through WeChat. They are writing their papers. I told them to take precautions against the outbreak. To my knowledge, all my students are in good condition.

I have two foreign students, from Pakistan and Kazakhstan, who told me the university had arranged for them to eat and told them to stay in the dormitories as much as possible.

I also have several friends who live and work in Wuhan. They and their families are all fine after the lockdown.

I came to Wuhan in 2004 and have been in the city for 16 years. How fast Wuhan has been developing in the past 16 years!

I think the current difficulties will pass. I believe in the Chinese government. There are so many experts and doctors working hard. I also read a lot of foreign media reports, and I want to say these reports are different from what I actually see here in Wuhan.
I really have faith in China's efforts in disease control. I will stay here forever.

Source: Chinadaily