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Kindly Reminder:Watch Out the Admission Fraud

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Study abroad is one of the most complex transactions you may ever undertake. After make up your mind to study in china, choosing the right agency is one of the most important yet challenging decisions you may face with. Here we list what fraud international students may encounter and how to find a right agency.


Types of Admission Fraud

1.Fake admission letter and jw202 form

Some agencies do not have any agreements with Chinese universities in enrolling students. The admission letter and JW202 Form that offered by the agency are faked. That will result in a visa deny and campus registration failure.

2. Fake scholarship

Some agencies cheat students in full or partial scholarship guarantee to deduct tuition and accommodation after admission. But when students reached universities, they find out that the admission is self-financied.

3. No degree awarded after graduation

Some agencies promise students bachelor degree course, but when they graduated from universities, they find out that no bachelor degree are awarded.


How to Find a Right Agency?

1.Understand the legality of the agency

You can search for the name of agency on the internet, or directly inquire at the Chinese university with the legality. SICAS ranking No.2 on google when searching studying in China.

2.Find the coverage of the agency

China has more than 600 higher education institutions that have been approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to admit international students. In selecting the agency, a legal & large organization will be a good choice, in order to obtain the most comprehensive study plan and advice. SICAS is an efficient, accurate online platform authorized by 600+ universities in China.

3.Compare the charge

Normally, an agency charges $50-150 (depending on the services provided), and no hidden costs. SICAS only charge students $50 processing fee for admission. The processing fee is collected for maintaining and updating SICAS online system as well as offering studentssupporting services.

4.A completed service system

SICAS provides students service including: admission service, pre-departure training, accommodation arrangement, airport pick-up, registration on campus, police registration & resident permit, medical check accompany, shopping accompany, mailing service.

5. Professional service support

A qualified agency should have a professional service team to support the admission. SICAS have a professional service team composed by course advisor team, admission team, student service team, editorial team, marketing team and IT team.

6.Checking the service picture

You can pay attention to the news published by the agency, and check the pictures of students service.

7.Make a phone call or voice call

Make a phone call or voice call to the agency and ask them to send pictures of students service, working environment and authorization letter from universities.



Authorized by more than 600 China Top universities, SICASStudy In China Admission System is an efficient, accurate and safe authorized online platform to help international students directly get admissions into China universities and colleges. Up to now, SICAS have helped over 120,000 students from 162 countries realized their dream to study abroad.


Your future, we care! SICAS reminds you be cautious of untrustworthy websites and agencies. For any help please contact: 


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