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BRCIC-Belt&Road Collaborative Innovation College

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BRCIC-Belt&Road Collaborative Innovation College


Introduction to BRCIC


With advanced teaching philosophy, high-level faculty, perfect teaching facilities, excellent

teaching quality and distinctive school features, Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College

is a specialty university created by Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center according to

the new mechanism and new model.


The college takes full advantage of the high-quality educational resources of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center to cultivate advanced talents with strong innovation spirit and practical ability that meets the needs of society, adhering to the wide-caliber, thick-foundation, strong-ability, and high-qualitytalent training philosophy. Earnestly implementing the national education policy, adhering to the principle of running schools, Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College has made remarkable achievements in foundation construction, personnel training, and research innovation. Graduates are favored by employers for their advantages of accurate positioning, solid basic knowledge, and strong practical ability.


Why Choose BRCIC


Internship and Entrepreneurial Opportunities


The programs will prepare students with foresight, competencies, and higher-level skills to function effectively and competitively in the social and global environment. You will get more internship chance in big enterprises, and get in touch with famous entrepreneurs. Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College (BRCIC) is in cooperation with Qingdao Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center. Excellent students joining this program will have chance to learn professional Amazon AWS skills and to get an internship in their incubator enterprises. Entrepreneurs can obtain relevant AWS Technical Certificates through systematic AWS training.


Global Learning Environment & Cozy Accommodation


Livable Environment


Personal Support and Tutoring


Connect with Qingdao International Academician Park


Face to Face with Ambassadors


Based on the close connection between BRCIC and each embassies from more than 20 countries, our students can communicate with ambassadors face to face. Excellent Students will have the opportunities to be the assistant interns of the ambassadors. Besides, topical lectures by the ambassadors will be held in the ambassador-assistant-oriented foundation program each month.


Elite Alumni Group


BRCIC has an elite alumni group, such as lawyers from world-class law firms, legal counsels of multinational corporations and non-profit organizations, government officials at all levels, as well as scholars in academia.


Pathway to Degree Programs in Prestigious Universities


A successful completion of BRCIC programs can exempt student from the English entry requirement of English-taught Bachelors programs in high ranking universities. The language and academic skills developed through our foundation program provide students with a smooth transition to English-mediate undergraduate study in universities elsewhere.


Fee Structure


Tuition Fee


Application Fee: USD 200 (Non-refundable)

Registration Fee: RMB 400

Teaching Materials: Approximately RMB 500

Electricity: Approximately RMB 80 Per Month

Residence Permit: RMB 800 Per Year

Physical Examination: RMB 430 One Time Fee



Single Room: RMB 1200-2000 Per Month

Double Room: RMB 600-1000 Per Month


Basic Living Costs(per month): approx. RMB 1,500

This expense includes meals on campus, laundry, local transportation, life necessities, etc.



Application fee is non-refundable. Tuition will be refunded 50% if one quits school within the first week, and there is no tuition refunded from the second week.




Candidates whose high school results above 90% are eligible to receive 100% exemption from tuition fees

Candidates whose high school results above 80% are eligible to receive 50% exemption from tuition fees

Candidates whose high school results above 70% are eligible to receive 25% exemption from tuition fees